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Willem Braam Tour Guide
Willem Braam Tour Guide

Willem Braam, Member of the International Guild of Battlefield Guide; speaks English, French, German and Dutch.

My name is Willem Braam, born in 1965 in the Netherlands.

As a young kid, I was touched by the war-stories of my parents and grandparents, regarding World War II  in general, and the Nazi-occupation of Western Europe in particular. 

Apart from my working career, as CEO of my interior decorating company, I started to visit the battlefields in France, Belgium, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. 

The knowledge I gained during these visits, and the stories told by the veterans (and civilians)  I met, I’d like to share with people who are interested in this part of our history. 

After 25 years I handed over my business to the younger generation, so that I can fully focus on what I like doing most: guiding interested people around the various European battlefields, and especially Normandy (Operation Overlord),  starting 06/06/1944 and the South of France / Riviera (Operation Dragoon), starting 15/08/1944.