American Landing Beaches standard tour

Let us show you the American landing beaches like Omaha and Utah Beach. Walk over the grounds where the American Rangers tried so hard to silence the big guns at Pointe du Hoc.

  • Sainte Mère Eglise
    Sainte Mère Eglise
Tour Durationapprox. 8 hours
Tour Price€ 695
Pickup timeapprox. 9.00 hrs
Drop-offapprox. 17.00 hrs
Locationin or near Bayeux / Carentan / Cherbourg (Other locations can be arranged)
Capacitymax. 6 persons
Lunchprice is not included in the tourfee. Your guide will discuss arrangements on the morning of the tour.

  • Sainte Mère Eglise

As one of the main objectives of the 82nd US Airborne Division, it is the first liberated village by this unit,  to secure and protect the rightwing flank (as seen from the oceanside) of the landingbeaches, to enable the 4th  and 90th Infantry Divisions pass through from UTAH beach, on their way to Cherbourg. 

Visit the church where paratrooper John Steele was so unfortunate to got stuck upon the steeple, as shown in the movie “The Longest Day !”

Statue of Brigadier General “Teddy” Roosevelt.

  • UTAH beach

The smallest of the two American landingbeaches, but very important in according to seize the deep sea harbor of Cherbourg in order to bring in supplies. 

Considered as the most successful with the least casualties of all Normandy landing beaches. 

The beach where General Teddy Roosevelt came ashore, the first seaborn general to land on Normandy soil. 

  • Sainte Marie du Mont

The first liberated village by the 101st Airborne Division, in addition to secure the exit roads leading off UTAH-beach. Visit the French resistance monument, and take a tour around the beautiful church, where elements of the 101st AB Div. eliminated a German sniper hidden in the steeple. 

  • Dead Man’s Corner

The crossroad to be taken by the 101st AB paratroopers before they would reach Carentan. 

The name DMC refers to a small allied tank that was taken out by German paratroopers, who were well entrenched around the building that today houses an interesting museum.

The tankcommander was killed trying to escape his tank, and was hanging over the turret for days, before the body could be recovered finally.  

  • Purple Heart Lane

The only road leading to Carentan, coming from Dead Man’s Corner. The area on both sides of this road was flooded by the Germans. The 101st paratroopers had to cross 4 (!) bridges on this approximately 4 miles long road. 

Their Commanding Officer was Colonel Bob Cole, who started with 400 men. After 2 days of fierce fighting, only less than 250 men were able to take new positions around the captured Ingouff farmhouse, at the outskirts of Carentan. 

  • Carentan

Carentan, located inbetween UTAH and OMAHA, was of eminent importance. The village had to link both the infantry of the two beaches. The battle for Carentan lasted from June 10th – June 15th. After 5 days of fierce fighting the 101st Airborne Paratroopers were kind of relieved by elements of the 2nd Armoured Division, and the 29th Infantry Division, both coming from bloody OMAHA.

  • Pointe du Hoc

On top of 100 foot high cliffs, the Germans had constructed one of their biggest long range gun batteries. We follow the tracks of the American Rangers, under command of Col. James Rudder, who were given the task to destroy the guns. 

  • OMAHA Beach

The worst place to be on June 6th ! We’ll visit the part of the beach that was depicted in the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan. 

During and after visiting this beach, you’ll hear about the units involved, learn what went wrong and see the differences with UTAH beach.

And you’ll have even more respect for the troops after seeing for yourself how initiative, determination and leadership resulted in success.

  • Normandy American Cemetery

“All gave some, some gave all ……. !”

More than 170 acres covers the cemetary overlooking OMAHA beach. 

More than 9.300 men (and women) are buried here, and more than 1.500 names are engraved in the wall of the missing…….

Normally our last visit of our tour, and your opportunity to pay your respects.

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